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When Life Throws You a Curve Ball.......

Originally written in July 2008, this has previously been posted twice on Cafe Mom.  It's time to post it here in my Blog.
To preface my second CM posting, I wrote: 
"What we need seems to find us, just when we need it.  Thought I'd post this again, in case there's someone who needs to hear this right now."

When Life Throws you a Curve Ball

One thing that breaks my heart is when I see a thought bubble that is negative or someone is expressing pain or sadness. It just hurts me to know that one of my friends is having a difficult time with something.

It's also particularly sad for me to read a journal post that is filled with anger or resentment. I understand that life is not easy, and often times can be downright miserable. But, even in the most difficult times, emphasizing the difficulty doesn't help make it any easier. We call it "venting", but in reality what we are doing is placing energy on that which is making us miserable. This, in turn, is only creating more pain.

There are simple answers - simple exercises - that can help alleviate the degree to which we are unhappy, helping us to move on into the next moment.


We can begin by loving ourselves enough to search for the light and the bright side. There is always a positive piece in our puzzle of life. Sometimes it gets lost and entangled within our depression. Love yourself enough to know in your heart that you deserve happiness. Love yourself enough to remove the layers of suffering to help uncover the joy that is hiding deep inside.

Instead of wondering why you are experiencing distress - instead of wishing something good would cross your path - instead of saying "why me?" - peel away those layers that are blocking your happiness and discover the goodness that already exists.

It is there - I promise you that! But, it's your responsibility to see it. Become aware of it and embrace it with all the love in your heart. Once you realize that it's there, it becomes easier to focus on the goodness.

Whatever we give energy to is what will grow and blossom within our hearts and souls.

This brings me to gratitude. By focusing on all that already exists in your life for which to be grateful, somehow miraculously, the distressful issues seem to feel not quite as wretched as they did before.

Life is not easy for anyone, regardless of how this illusion might appear. Each of us has issues to face. When you notice people who seem to have it all - to have happiness all the time - to always be smiling - to never complain - it doesn't mean that they do not carry around sadness or suffering deep inside of them. What it does mean is that they have learned how to channel their energies into a more positive direction. They are the ones who have learned the gift of appreciation.

I mentioned smiling. Try remaining angry or resentful while you are smiling. Can't do it, can you? Keep that smile on your face and continue to realize how much exists in your life for which to be thankful. Then you will find that heavy load of misery lifting from you.

I understand that life is filled with difficulties. If you know me, then you already know that I'm speaking from experience. But, I've chosen to not allow all that crap to continue to hurt me. I won't allow the past to destroy my present moment. There is nothing I can do that will remove my past. But all that I choose to do in my present moment will help my future.

The past can be just the past minute or second, or it can be years of built-up junk. But, once it's passed, it's gone forever. So it won't help to dwell on it.

Life is ever-changing and is impermanent. Life is not all joy and happiness. Life is not all sadness and difficulty. Life is a combination of everything.

Life is an education, a learning experience. All that is placed in our path is there for a reason and gives us an opportunity to learn a lesson. Don't miss out on those remarkable opportunities.

If our thoughts and feelings are too occupied with our struggles and problems, we might miss out on the wisdom that's been made available to us.

It's okay to feel sadness when it is present in that one moment. Just don't allow yourself to ponder it too long. Instead, remember to move on into the next moment without carrying the baggage from previous moments. If we continue to carry that old baggage, it become heavier and heavier with each moment; and we risk missing out on the potential pleasures in the new present moment of NOW.

Sometimes life brings us unpleasant circumstances that we don't want - those "curve balls". It is what it is. So, although we cannot change some of those events, we do have the ability to transform our attitude toward those situations. This is called acceptance. And, that can help make all the difference in the world.

I prefer to label the horrific devastation that has entered my life, as challenges. Each challenge has presented an opportunity for me. I was not always aware of this, and wasted much time and energy on depression, sadness, guilt, resentment, etc. However, now I am so very grateful that I was able to learn the wisdom of gratitude and love. It has improved my life tremendously. And, it can do the very same for you.

NOW is the time to be mindful of each and every moment, each and every emotion within us, in each present moment. Instead of becoming stagnant in that moment, continue moving on your life's path, going with the natural flow and be present with each experience.

Consciously choose to place more energy and concentration on the favorable moments and discover contentment with all that crosses your life's path.

I choose JOY

I choose LOVE


I choose all of these for my present moment of NOW. I hope you will, too.

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