Saturday, September 12, 2009


Grateful for Individuality and Uniqueness

The beauty of this world is that it is comprised of so many different types of people, each with different beliefs, each with their own personal perspective, and each very special in their own unique way.

Why is it then, that there are many people who consume so much energy on attempting to convince others to conform to one type of belief or to view only one side of an issue?

Personally (and I can only speak from my own personal place), I do not wish to live my life looking into the eyes of my friends and see only myself. I want to experience new ideas and fresh perspectives on life and all there is to discover. I do not wish to limit my experiences based on only my life and my beliefs. I want to expand my knowledge to that of as many different options as possible during my life. The only way to do this is to allow myself to be accessible to new things, and to be willing to expose my mind to all possibilities.

Each of us has valuable opinions to contribute. Instead of trying to influence the world to be a mirror image of myself, I find it absolutely refreshing and educational to learn about others, and what makes them tick and why they have the beliefs they have. There is such an appreciation to be felt in being open and receptive to others.

To me, it seems close-minded and selfish to believe that everything I have to offer in this world and to myself is only what I know and what I believe. How inflexible and rigid is that to believe that I know it all? Well, I can say that I do not know it all and neither does anyone else. That’s why it’s important to allow ourselves every chance possible to learn and discover more. We do not necessarily need to agree with all the information we are able to gather. What we do with that knowledge is a personal choice. But, it’s valuable to have additional information with which to help in making new choices and decisions in our lives. Without being exposed to new ideas, we are missing new opportunities.

If you stop to think about the numerous different people in this world, each with different perspectives, you can become aware of the potential you have for opening up your mind and your world to new and exciting phases of your life. By listening to others, you might gain a new healthier perspective and your life could improve, allowing you to be a happier person. You may also gain insight as to what you do NOT wish to have in your life. It’s all so invigorating and rejuvenating. But, you must maintain an open mind.

Enjoy your day, keep smiling and keep your mind open.


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