Thursday, September 17, 2009

What "stuff" are you made of ?

What is it that determines who YOU are - really ? 
  1. Your age?
  2. Your race or ethnicity
  3. Your religion?  (or lack of...?)
  4. Your income?
  5. Your education?
  6. The home you live in?
  7. If you're messy?  Or tidy and clean?
  8. The car you drive?
  9. Your job?  (or lack of...?)
  10. Your friends?
  11. Your family?
  12. Your sexual preference?
  13. Your political party?
  14. Your ancestors?
  15. The way you dress?
  16. If you're skinny or fat?
  17. Male?  or Female?
  18. How powerful you are?
  19. How successful you are?***
       *** Success is subjective and may be defined differently for each of us. 
              Do NOT base YOUR success on the success of others.
              Be the very best only you are able to be,
                  without comparison to others.

Think about these answers carefully? 

Now, review again......................

 Absolutely NOT 

Those are simply exterior particles of what you are attempting to show the world.  They are NOT the real YOU.  We too often hide behind the mask of those elements.  Take charge of YOU and proclaim who you are.

Possibly, there is a little minute speck of something of each of the above that "may" have some slight influence on who you are.  However, that does not necessarily create who you really are, or who your authentic self is.  Your genuine authentic self is within YOU.

Search deep within your heart and soul to find the truth, and to discover the real YOU.

The truth is.....................
  1. You are your respect of others
  2. You are your respect for yourself
  3. You are the smile on your face
  4. You are the sadness within
  5. You are the amount of sincerity you display
  6. You are the love you share with others
  7. You are the love you have for yourself
  8. You are the honesty within yourself
  9. You are the amount of gratitude you express
  10. You are your generosity
  11. You are your level of compassion

You have the unlimited potential to be all of these.  It's YOUR choice.

Conversely, you also have the potential to be...........................
  1. filled with hatred
  2. disrespectful
  3. deceitful
  4. dishonest
  5. selfish
  6. ungrateful
  7. ignorant
  8. rude
  9. angry
  10. stressed
  11. frustrated 

Who YOU are, and what creates the authentic YOU is completely in your control.  It's YOUR choice, and no one elses.  YOU are responsible for who YOU are.  It is your sole responsibility and no one else's.  Your environment or your circumstances do not dictate who you are.  So, don't use those as a crutch or an excuse.  You're only fooling yourself.


REPEAT - your past is NOT you.  Although you cannot change the past, you do have the ability to change who you are TODAY, this one NOW moment. 

You CAN create the person you desire to be - TODAY.  By transforming your energy into a direction of acceptance, you have the ability to create a future, filled with more  - 
  1. more happiness
  2. more satisfaction
  3. more love
  4. more compassion
  5. more smiles
  6. more fulfillment
  7. better friendships
  8. better feelings within yourself, about yourself
  9. more self-respect
  10. more self-confidence
  11. less stress
  12. better health 
  13. peace and serenity
  14. the ability to accept difficulty, learn from it and know it's only temporary
(or not - it's your decision) 

Begin today - begin right now, at this very NOW moment -
As each NOW moment passes, know that it's gone forever, never to return.  You will NEVER get that time back again.  Make the most of each moment, with a fresh renewed attitude.

  1. See the world from a different perspective
  2. View others in a different light than you've ever seen them before
  3. Understand each other's differences and know it's okay to be different from each other
  4. Feel love for everyone whose path crosses yours
  5. Find compassion for others - realize you don't know what's going on inside of them, or what could possibly be hurting them
  6. Learn to express gratitude - - - - -
Find gratitude in EVERYTHING that crosses your life's path - EVERYTHING - even the crap of life - It's there.  It will surface, often when we least expect it.  We cannot avoid it.  It's a "given".  But, we do have the ability to transform our attitude toward it.

Know that each difficult moment in life is a potential for education.  

Instead of asking, "Why me?", when something unpleasant or even devastating enters your life; ask "Why not me?  and "What lesson can I learn from this experience?".

Whatever it is that your choose, regardless of what anyone else says or thinks



Remember ~~~  Perfection does NOT exist.  Embrace your imperfections, as well as those of others.  Know that there will be challenges.  Allow yourself to feel emotions as you experience them.  Then move on into the next moment.

P.S.  Some random thoughts.........................
  • The goal is not to HAVE more, but to GIVE more
  • Generosity is contagious - Pay it Forward
  • The more we share with others - the more we have

If I could put the wisdom of gratitude, attitude and generosity into a bottle for sale .........

I would not sell it, but I'd give it away to anyone who wanted it, in hopes they would pay it forward.

With Gratitude,


  1. Very nice blog, Ginny! Hope you are feeling better too!

  2. Verdade minha querida, eu também sonhava que a vida fosse diferente de todos esses acontecimentos que vem com frequência no meu dia a dia... Hoje sou mais um desiludido tentando me encaixar nessas mudanças diária.

  3. Translation of previous comment:

    Truth my dear, I dreamed that life was different from all these events that often comes in my day to day ... Today I am most disappointed one trying to fit these changes daily.