Monday, January 24, 2011

The Only Time to be GRATEFUL is NOW

Salvador Dali's Last Painting:
Les Montres Molles, 1968

(One of my favorites)
The Melting Clock
But, I've always called it MELTING TIME

TIME does have a way of MELTING away rapidly without warning.

Just another Something I've Learned in the Past Eleven Days ~~~

I'd like to believe that I never cease to learn life's lessons.  However, as we scurry through our busy daily activities, we often miss some valuable knowledge.  This was so very true for me.  Knowing the importance of slowing down and taking time to "smell the roses", rarely translated into the actual act of successfully even finding the "roses" to smell.

Ah, the twisted irrational perception of TIME.  That which robs us of this one NOW present moment.

Daily responsibilities for years upon years had become such a routine.  With always something to do, commuting to the office, burying myself deep into the work I love, and attempting to squeeze in projects at home on weekends and evenings ~ where was I to discover TIME to enjoy the little joys of life?

Time ..........................
......... often represented by a clock

An interesting word .............................
(most words are interesting, if ya think about it)
... "the system of those sequential relations that any event has to any other, as past, present, or future; indefinite and continuous duration regarded as that in which events succeed one another."

Although this is only one small piece of the definition of TIME, it seems appropriate for this blog.

As a child, I remember waiting and waiting forever and ever, between birthdays and Christmases.  A year seemed like an eternity.  I can still hear Mom's words ringing in my ear:  "Time flies by so much faster as we get older."

Just Mom's wisdom, which I ignored as a child, but now understand completely.

Time is relative. 
Time is our individual personal perception.

Time, in reality, should not be judged by a clock (in my opinion, from what I've recently discovered).

However, we become so caught up in schedules, appointments and duties, that we allow that object with numbers from one to twelve, to dictate our lives.

To a certain degree, this type of TIME is a part of the reality.  But, I've learned that it's not necessary to become a prisoner to that TIME.

I truly thought I knew the value of TIME.  I sincerely believed I was living in each NOW present moment.  I'm convinced I have known the importance of this.  But, as we all do, I've allowed the busy-ness of life to interfere. 

The recent discovery of my new health problem has opened my eyes to my own mortality.  Even after having other awakening experiences in the past, my life continued, with the knowledge, but without applying what I've known.

Although not what I'd elect for my life right now, my recent health issue has provided me TIME -
TIME to relax
TIME to heal
TIME to observe
TIME to reflect
TIME to pray
TIME to meditate

TIME to open my eyes to the little joys that surround us daily.

A short walk around my backyard gives me so much pleasure now.

Taking the TIME to actually view a beautiful sunset, is so rewarding.  Sure, I notice sunsets, but have I really taken the TIME to look at them and actually see the beauty in them?  I thought I did, until today.

I believe the universe has given me a great gift, during this time of being forced to slow down to heal.  While, what initially seemed like, being "stuck" in a vacuum of boredom, I've suddenly become aware of this wonderful opportunity that I've been granted.

Instead of pondering the past
Instead of wondering what's yet to come
I'm utilizing this time to simply "be" in each "now" present moment; and to discover the little joys, which are so often overlooked.

Again, as always I'm counting my blessings.  The difference from before, is that now I'm really taking time to "smell those roses". 

I'm thoroughly GRATEFUL for this recent revelation, to discover these "little" things; which, in reality, are actually very "huge" things.

I'm very GRATEFUL for TIME - for each precious moment of TIME, and for realizing the best ways to use it.

In love and gratitude,


  1. We both know everything happens for a reason, looks like you found "yours" glad you're taking the time to smell the roses, they sure are SWEET!

    Take care of yourself, know you're in my heart and my you. time you watch the sun set, smile...and think of me;)