Friday, March 18, 2011

Let Your Starlight Shine Beyond Your Challenges

In the silence of the very early morning, these words suddenly flowed into my thoughts, as if to tell me something I needed to hear.

Soft translucent veils of clouds attempt to obscure the glow of the nighttime stars.

Nevertheless, the brilliant radiance of the starlight glistens optimistically, penetrating the random layer of haze.

Reminding me that we are the stars, and the clouds are our challenges.

Don't be pushed by your problems. 
Be led by your dreams.

Just like those stars, with belief, hope and determination, we are able to shine through our adversities.

A little gratitude goes a long way. The amazing power of gratitude creates the hope and determination necessary to continue to shine, regardless of what challenges invade our serenity.

P.S. There will always be challenges in life (that's a 'given').  Our happiness is not dictated by our problems; but, rather, it's determined by "how" we handle the issues that surface. 

Attitude is a conscious choice and determines what will either emphasize and increase our chaos, or provide acceptance to create manageable solutions.




(These will save your sanity)



  1. Thanks Ginny you always provide me with positivity, it makes it so easy to let the negativity in my life just flow away.. love you!!

  2. I really appreciate your perspective.
    Great thought!

    John Chappelear